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The Alchemancer Boxset (Books 1-3) Ebooks + Three Full Color Maps
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Infernal engines consume the world and only a sorcerer’s apprentice who knows nothing about magic can stop them. The Alchemancer series begins.

When a mad savant merges science with sorcery to unleash the five elemental forces of the universe, the fiefdom of Seacea pays the price. None more so than Aaron Shepherd, Shanna Bonnerman, and Serena Walkerton, who must save each other first if they’ve any hope of reining in the destructive energies unleashed on the world.

This boxset includes the first three books in The Alchemancer series:

1. Engines of Alchemancy

Separated when their home is laid waste by an elemental attack, Aaron, Shanna, and Serena individually learn of the Fifth Element, a mystery that draws them back together and into a final confrontation not as allies but as adversaries.

2. The Nullification Engine

The city of Brighton promises new beginnings for Aaron, Serena, and Ensel Rhe. But when Aaron and Serena are arrested, they find their fates once again uncertain. Until they are introduced to the Nullification Engine, an ancient machine completed hundreds of years ago but never activated until now.

3. The Inversion Solution

Brighton is in chaos, but Aaron soon realizes much more is at stake than just one city. Meanwhile, Serena and Ensel Rhe’s daughter, Jakinda Rhe, must face the most sinister enemy of all if they’ve any hope of discovering the inversion solution.

This bundle includes:

  1. Engines of Alchemancy, The Nullification Engine, & The Inversion Solution bundled together into a single convenient ebook (EPUB format), downloadable immediately or via email from Bookfunnel.
  2. Color maps of the Barony of Fallmere, Earldom of Kettering, and the city of Brighton (JPG format, as featured in the books).

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The Assassin's Dilemma (Assassin Without a Name Prequel)
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Sometimes, death isn’t the worst of fates.

When wealthy aeropreneur Rolen Fairwind wishes to hire the Assassin Without a Name to murder his wife, the Nameless Assassin accepts the commission with little consideration. A job’s a job, after all, and it isn’t his place to question the reason.

But the Nameless Assassin soon learns he isn’t the only one interested in ending Mara Fairwind’s life. Jarek Blackwell, who fancies himself a hunter of sorts, has a commission of his own from the infamous Sorcerer’s League, who pay well for the life force energy of the magically gifted.

Aware of the rumors spoken about the League and the eternal damnation their particular form of sorcery represents, the Assassin Without a Name sets out to stop the hunter from collecting his due by ending Mrs. Fairwind’s life before Blackwell can steal her soul.

The Assassin's Dilemma is a standalone prequel to the Assassin Without a Name series.

Your purchase includes:

  1. The Assassin's Dilemma ebook (EPUB and PDF formats), downloadable immediately or via email from Bookfunnel.

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The Assassin's Cunning (Assassin Without a Name Book Two) Ebook
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Some days it seems like everyone wants you dead.

The deadline for the Black Guardsmen to leave Alchester has come and gone, and now it’s up to the Assassin Without a Name to act on his threat. While he’s not above killing every last mercenary for the trouble they’ve caused him, he decides on a different course of action when Gwendolyn Goddard requests a meeting. In exchange for killing a rival, she offers to call off her Black Guard watchdogs. The catch? The mark is Atticus Drake, a trusted friend and ally.

Meanwhile, the Warders and Jakaree continue to pursue their dark agendas. For the Warders, frustration leads to more direct action against the Nameless Assassin and his continued interference. The Jakaree, however, recognizing the need for alliances, offer to make a temporary one in hopes of striking a blow against the Warders. Trusting a death priest is never a good idea, but with questions continuing to mount about the Warders, the Assassin Without a Name reluctantly agrees to join them.

Whatever their ultimate goals, the Jakaree and Warders remain in balance until a blood witch comes to town looking for revenge against Mathilda. While the witch has an agenda all her own, her presence threatens to turn the tide in the wrong direction for good.

Deception, intrigue, danger, infernal science run amuck, and half the city wanting him dead? It’s just another day in the life of the Assassin Without a Name.

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  1. The Assassin's Cunning ebook (EPUB and PDF formats), downloadable immediately or via email from Bookfunnel.

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The Inversion Solution (The Alchemancer: Book Three) Ebook
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The city of Brighton is in chaos. Infernal science inverted half the population. The other half fights for survival. The Alchemancer series continues.

Half of Brighton’s population paid the price when Aaron failed to stop the Nullification Engine. The situation worsens when eslar invaders, led by Ensel Rhe’s brother-in-law, Balrabbek, arrive in Brighton intent on completing Ingrid Kane’s work. Forced into an alliance with them, Aaron soon realizes the engine’s effect went well beyond the city’s borders and that much more is at stake than he ever imagined.

When Ensel Rhe learns of Balrabbek’s arrival, he wants nothing more than to take revenge on him for the murder of his son. But his brother-in-law’s deceit and his ambitions went much further than he thought. Now, he must end those ambitions, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, Serena flees from the chaos consuming Brighton, only to find that escape is a fleeting thing as her inability to control her magic continues to haunt her. When she learns of the Griffin’s mission to retrieve the secrets of a lifesaving vitality serum, she sees it as a way to save both her people and herself.

Science and sorcery collide in The Inversion Solution, the third book in the Alchemancer fantasy adventure series. Continue your reading adventure today.

Your purchase includes:
  1. The Inversion Solution ebook (EPUB and PDF formats), downloadable immediately or via email from Bookfunnel.
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