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The Alchemancer Audiobook Bundle (Books 1-3)

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Digitally narrated by Archie, a Google Digital Voice.

Elemental magic consumes the world and only a sorcerer’s apprentice who knows nothing about magic can stop it. The Alchemancer series begins.

When a mad savant merges science with sorcery to unleash the five elemental forces of the universe, the fiefdom of Seacea pays the price. None more so than Aaron Shepherd, Shanna Bonnerman, and Serena Walkerton, who must save each other first if they’ve any hope of reining in the destructive energies unleashed on the world.

This box set includes the first three books in The Alchemancer series:

1. Engines of Alchemancy

Separated when their home is laid waste by an elemental attack, Aaron, Shanna, and Serena individually learn of the Fifth Element, a mystery that draws them back together and into a final confrontation not as allies but as adversaries.

2. The Nullification Engine

The city of Brighton promises new beginnings for Aaron, Serena, and Ensel Rhe. But when Aaron and Serena are arrested, they find their fates once again uncertain. Until they are introduced to the Nullification Engine, an ancient machine completed hundreds of years ago but never activated until now.

3. The Inversion Solution

Brighton is in chaos, but Aaron soon realizes much more is at stake than just one city. Meanwhile, Serena and Ensel Rhe’s daughter, Jakinda Rhe, must face the most sinister enemy of all if they’ve any hope of discovering the inversion solution.

This bundle includes:

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