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The Great Magi’s undead armies rise across the earldom. A weapon is forged deep in the Underland. Time is running out for Brighton. The Alchemancer series concludes.

Aaron has found the last alchemist’s forge. Now, he only needs to create the Elemental Unification Device and return to Brighton to use it before the elemental instability, the Great Magi’s undead acolytes, or the Great Magi himself destroys all life.

In Brighton, sworn enemies have become allies to fight an even more dire foe. Though most think to end the threat by destroying the Book and Scepter of the Undead, only Ensel Rhe knows that ending the magi’s ambitions means destroying the Inversion Engine itself, an act that will end all life in Brighton for good.

Serena has never felt so in control of her magic and her destiny. Together with the mercenary company, the Mavens, she must free their captured allies and stop the Great Magi from reaching Brighton. But how can they when the magi knows their every move before they’ve even made it?

Science and sorcery collide in Elemental Unification, the fifth and final book in the Alchemancer fantasy adventure series. Conclude your reading adventure today.

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