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PRE-ORDER: The Assassin's Cunning (Assassin Without a Name Book Two) (coming July 18, 2023)

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Some days it just seems like everyone wants you dead.

The deadline for the Black Guardsmen to leave Alchester has come and gone, and now it’s up to the Assassin Without a Name to act on his threat. While he’s not above killing every last one of the mercenaries for the trouble they’ve caused him, he decides on a different course of action when Gwendolyn Goddard requests a meeting. In exchange for killing a rival, she offers to call off her Blackguard watchdogs. The catch? The mark is Atticus Drake, a person whose value alive far outweighs his value dead.

Meanwhile, the Warders and Jakaree continue to pursue their dark agendas. For the Warders, frustration leads to more direct action against the Assassin Without a Name and his continued interference. The Jakaree, content to work in the shadows, find the urgency to complete their mission heightened when one of their most feared high priestesses comes to check on their progress. No one is immune to her displeasure when she learns of the Assassin Without a Name’s part in foiling their plans, least of all the Jakaree high priest, Onius, who she charges with assassinating the assassin.

Deception, intrigue, danger, science run amuck, and half the city wanting him dead? It’s just another day in the life of the Assassin Without a Name.
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The Assassin's Blade (Assassin Without a Name Book One)