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The Assassin's Dilemma (Assassin Without a Name Prequel)

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Sometimes, death isn’t the worst of fates.

When wealthy aeropreneur Rolen Fairwind wishes to hire the Assassin Without a Name to murder his wife, the Nameless Assassin accepts the commission with little consideration. A job’s a job, after all, and it isn’t his place to question the reason.

But the Nameless Assassin soon learns he isn’t the only one interested in ending Mara Fairwind’s life. Jarek Blackwell, who fancies himself a hunter of sorts, has a commission of his own from the infamous Sorcerer’s League, who pay well for the life force energy of the magically gifted.

Aware of the rumors spoken about the League and the eternal damnation their particular form of sorcery represents, the Assassin Without a Name sets out to stop the hunter from collecting his due by ending Mrs. Fairwind’s life before Blackwell can steal her soul.

The Assassin's Dilemma is a standalone prequel to the Assassin Without a Name series.

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