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PRE-ORDER: The Alchemist's Forge (The Alchemancer: Book Four) Ebook

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Eslar invaders occupy half of Brighton. The elemental nexus spirals into instability. A sitheri magi lurks in the shadows, pulling strings and threatening all life. The Alchemancer series continues.

Aaron never thought he’d have to navigate through an elemental maelstrom, but then he never thought he’d find himself trapped in the Underland, either. He’s traveled deep into the earth and is prepared to travel even deeper to find the alchemist’s forge, where he hopes to fabricate a device capable of correcting the elemental instability and saving everyone from annihilation or worse.

Though revenge remains elusive, Ensel Rhe knows the true face of his enemy now. With his adversary far away in the Grimmere, he turns his attention toward destroying the infernal machine at the center of it all, even though such destruction will destroy Brighton along with it.

Serena has lost control of her magic twice now, and too many have paid the price. Yet she is determined to never let it happen again. But her desire to save her people means she must face the deadliest of sorcerers. Can she control her magic against such a foe? Does she even want to?

Science and sorcery collide in The Alchemist’s Forge, the fourth book in the Alchemancer fantasy adventure series. Continue your reading adventure today.

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