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The Assassin’s Code is simple: Never let a job become personal, and never have regrets.

It’s a code the Nameless Assassin has found malleable at times, but if the right people are dead, what does it matter? Unfortunately, some of the right people aren’t dead, and they’re beginning to pose a very real danger to the Assassin Without a Name’s way of life and to the people he cares about.

The Jakaree, emboldened by their alliance with a blood witch, are no longer content to work from the shadows. Meanwhile, the Warders, who operate in plain sight, redouble their efforts to find the mysterious Heart of the Dragon and advance their plan to destroy the Jakaree. Never mind that they may destroy the entire city of Alchester along with them.

Such grand and destructive plans have not gone unnoticed by the authorities, who place Inspector William Wright in charge of stopping all nefarious activity perpetrated by these organizations. He’ll need the Assassin Without a Name’s help if he’s to have any chance at success.

Blood feuds, dark sorcery, and secretive agents with diablerie in mind? Breaking the code was never so easy.

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